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---------- INFORMATION -----------

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IP Address:

Port: 19132

Gamemodes: Skyblock

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---------- SERVER GUIDE ----------

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Welcome to ScepterMCPE!

This webpage will contain a lot of important information and help around the server. If you need help make sure to read off of this documentation as it might contain your assistance! If you find that it doesn't please ask another player, helper or staff member on the server. They might know this information...

Remember to Follow all the rules on the server as if you don't they can lead up to a mute and/or ban

Useful General Commands:

Rules: /rules

Kits: /kit

Shop: /shop

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-------- SKYBLOCK GUIDE --------

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What is Skyblock? it's a gamemode in which the concept is to spawn on a floating island and try to survive. complete custom challenges or other things with the resources available to you. On this server you can grind alone or with your friends!

Alright... time for some features and FAQ's...

Island Levels:

these are gained by placing ore blocks down on your island ... they help you unlock generator ores and certain commands

the valued blocks and amount of levels you get

Lapis Block: 1 Level

Iron Block: 3 Levels

Gold Block: 5 Levels

Emerald Block: 7 Levels

Diamond Block: 9 Levels

Redstone Block: 11 Levels

By adding island levels with those blocks here's some of the things you get...

- Better cobblestone generator (including ores) If you need help or an example of building one, we're sure any long time Skyblock Player can help you with this ...

There are certain features on your island you must unlock with in-game money using /is upgrade.

We do have a tutorial island of other things in-which you can check out with /tutorial

All Island/Skyblock Commands can be viewed with /is help